Thursday 18 June 2015

Future Love Space Machine: RPG with no pants

In this space sexploration RPG, your goal is to find new partners of all kinds and explore new worlds with your pants off. So, adults only!

This game really looks like an AAA title and that's amazing! I never played any sex or erotic simulation game as it always looked so cheesy or crude. Here, you don't have an adventure game dipped into smutty innuendos, misogynistic imagery or some "I want your money!" tricks.
It's about opening up you mind, exploring your inner self and getting graphic about it.

The controls are a bit tricky and the options are limited so far but the road-map is attractive and the atmosphere (vibrant music and surroundings) is already settled.

The available demo version is more of a preview as the latest versions and DLC's are intended for the Patreon supporters.

Play It:

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